Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem Launch Trailer

Bring the boom in Apex Legends Season 8 with new Legend Fuse. x.ea.com/67416

When Salvo joined the Mercenary Syndicate, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy got his chance to join the Apex Games. Not everyone on his home planet was happy about it. Fuse thought he’d left his feud with Maggie behind him, but she wouldn’t let go so easily. When his big entrance didn’t go as planned, would he still be able to stick the landing?

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Learn more about Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem coming February 2: x.ea.com/67416

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  1. christos piperis

    christos piperis

    پیش 10 ساعت

    "And that's how it all went down L I T E R A L L Y"

  2. Kellan Nelson

    Kellan Nelson

    پیش روز

    Why does fuse sound like laser beam?!

  3. Dredfully_Talentless


    پیش روز

    Glad the MRVNS fine.

  4. thecroz7474 highlights

    thecroz7474 highlights

    پیش 2 روز


  5. Скрежет Металлиста

    Скрежет Металлиста

    پیش 2 روز


  6. Jason Misacango

    Jason Misacango

    پیش 6 روز

    The question here is, Why didnt Gibraltar put his shield?

  7. Mario Italion

    Mario Italion

    پیش 6 روز

    They're gonna need a lot of recovering stations

  8. rordon gamsay

    rordon gamsay

    پیش 8 روز

    Never a bad time for a war crime

  9. TimeToSnitch


    پیش 8 روز

    Alter das Spiel hätte mal echt besser werden können, wenn es nicht andauernd irgendwelche probleme geben würde.

  10. Genaro Pérez

    Genaro Pérez

    پیش 11 روز

    fuse: time to bring the f- Bloodhound: i'm a woman fuse: oh, i'm sorry Bloodhound internally: "Hmmp, it always works"

  11. TMOG90 GIG

    TMOG90 GIG

    پیش 12 روز

    yooo it came out in my b-day

  12. Ashindash65


    پیش 16 روز


  13. Axer Zero

    Axer Zero

    پیش 16 روز

    Apex movie when?

  14. itsLynoZ


    پیش 17 روز

    Is no one gonna talk about Fuse saved that MRVNs life

  15. Da Sashmeister

    Da Sashmeister

    پیش 19 روز

    0:30 same dinosaur from Watson’s new emote.

    • Mackholiver


      پیش 10 روز

      That's nessy

  16. Prairie Rose

    Prairie Rose

    پیش 20 روز

    The one time Gibby doesn’t use his shield 😐

  17. Diman 208

    Diman 208

    پیش 21 روز

    Этот сезон был БОМБИЧЕСКИМ!)



    پیش 21 روز

    Me after seeing a friend I don’t like and they come to me: 0:40

  19. I hate the sun

    I hate the sun

    پیش 22 روز

    Came here after the newest comic page, caustics slap is canon now

  20. Garild and Harild Episodes

    Garild and Harild Episodes

    پیش 23 روز

    0:42 a fu Maggie

  21. God tier shitposter

    God tier shitposter

    پیش 26 روز

    Intro got me thinking of meet the engineer

  22. Normalpeople_scareme


    پیش 26 روز

    Bruh she destroyed King canyons in 5 minutes

  23. Potat Man

    Potat Man

    پیش 27 روز

    2:10 anyone know the song?

  24. Adam Romero

    Adam Romero

    پیش 28 روز

    1:15 Nessie: You can find me in the control panel where Fuse placed his Frag, you have to slow the video down if ya wanna find me! 🙂

  25. mocha


    پیش 28 روز

    Ayo, what If they. Fixed Titanfall 2 severs?

  26. Pringles


    پیش 29 روز

    2:02 The M.R.V.N survived :)

  27. ネクロマンサーの付き人れぺぜん


    پیش ماه


  28. metallicweeb


    پیش ماه

    yooo props to the animators for doing the guitar and chords properly B)

  29. Jayden Reed

    Jayden Reed

    پیش ماه

    Who else loves fuse voice?

  30. Random user No. 13

    Random user No. 13

    پیش ماه

    Okay, but are we just gonna ignore the fact that maggie just killed that entire audience…

  31. Deepika Rekhi

    Deepika Rekhi

    پیش ماه

    0:46 I like that scene where hozizan,crypto and Lobo were looking at each other

    • SHAGGY ultra instinto

      SHAGGY ultra instinto

      پیش 6 روز

      Lobo, hozizan xd

  32. Tawanna Ellamae

    Tawanna Ellamae

    پیش ماه

    The five actor precisely fancy because okra diagnostically talk against a detailed path. finicky, successful catamaran

  33. J


    پیش ماه

    Basically lazar beam in a nutshell

  34. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk

    پیش ماه

    He definitely listens to AC/DC

  35. 1stAid


    پیش ماه

    I want to know how many civilians died in this video alone

  36. Jeffery Kyo

    Jeffery Kyo

    پیش ماه

    2:11 2:11 2:11 2:11 2:11 2:11 👋

  37. Vivid Blue

    Vivid Blue

    پیش ماه

    I like how Fuse just witnessed over 1000 people get murdered and an entire fraction of the island get blown up and he’s like “Ok, and?”

    • Alison Davis

      Alison Davis

      پیش 26 روز


  38. Jayden Perry

    Jayden Perry

    پیش ماه

    Yea yea, The trailer is cool. But is the MRVN okay?

  39. Rhys Windham

    Rhys Windham

    پیش ماه

    You can see the MRVN Fuse saved at 2:05, below the wrecked ship.

  40. Gabriel Ferreira

    Gabriel Ferreira

    پیش ماه

    Cmon someone can put the leviatans walking everywhere again? i tryed too interact with them but i couldent

  41. Mark-Angelo Famularcano

    Mark-Angelo Famularcano

    پیش ماه

    It would be cool if Netflix picks this up to be series!

  42. RootBoy Float

    RootBoy Float

    پیش ماه


    • Kostas


      پیش ماه

      Yeah me too. Fuse does remind me of Kano .

  43. Marco Garcia

    Marco Garcia

    پیش ماه

    this gives me borderlands vibes

  44. Joseph Ceda

    Joseph Ceda

    پیش ماه

    *first 5 seconds:* I'm an engineer and that means I solve problems

  45. CyberVirtual


    پیش ماه

    This Anime has the Best Seasons I hope they don't just give us a bunch of Filler Arcs.

  46. Bird Bird

    Bird Bird

    پیش ماه

    Me gusta

  47. WolfOfMen


    پیش ماه

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

    • pilkers2


      پیش ماه


  48. yakovben


    پیش ماه


  49. K Lalnuntluanga

    K Lalnuntluanga

    پیش ماه


  50. George Henderson

    George Henderson

    پیش ماه

    Puberty be like: Boys: 2:07 Girls: 2:12

  51. Ollie Stillman

    Ollie Stillman

    پیش ماه


  52. Antonia Gryaznovia

    Antonia Gryaznovia

    پیش ماه

    fusie nearly said the f word

  53. Mr.philadeck


    پیش ماه

    Rip season 8

  54. G.U.N


    پیش ماه

    looks like wally boy wants a piece of that thicc gassy scientist

  55. Ivan Garcia

    Ivan Garcia

    پیش ماه

    Guys they are not a freaking girl or boy they’re NON binary like they said we shouldn’t keep saying he’s a boy or no there a girl just leave at non binary or if you want to get a better look look at bloodhounds backstory cinematic!

  56. Russell Cloa

    Russell Cloa

    پیش ماه

    Surely there must have been casualties right

  57. Miguel Ibarra

    Miguel Ibarra

    پیش ماه

    1:38 NukeTown in every COD

  58. Xero


    پیش ماه

    This trailer is in inaccurate af, sheila is not that quiet😂

  59. Balakrishnan Vinayagar

    Balakrishnan Vinayagar

    پیش ماه

    For some reason I feel like Fuze sounds like Lazarbeam

  60. Bradley Arrowood

    Bradley Arrowood

    پیش ماه

    Luckily nobody was hurt

  61. Krono Gil

    Krono Gil

    پیش ماه


  62. Phil_Eggbat


    پیش ماه

    Kenny from the walking dead.

  63. Beeg Asian

    Beeg Asian

    پیش ماه

    0:45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  64. Cheyenne Davis

    Cheyenne Davis

    پیش ماه

    engineer playing guitar by a campfire... feel like we've seen this one before

  65. gerasimos andrea

    gerasimos andrea

    پیش ماه

    Seson 10:apex legends whith fortnite batle royal

  66. One Fizzy Cherry

    One Fizzy Cherry

    پیش ماه


  67. One Fizzy Cherry

    One Fizzy Cherry

    پیش ماه


  68. Nolan Santelli

    Nolan Santelli

    پیش ماه

    I skipped this trailer but I like this cinematic

  69. Kylie Mckillup

    Kylie Mckillup

    پیش ماه

    Bloodhound is not having it lol

  70. Parker Beck

    Parker Beck

    پیش ماه

    How cool would it have been to get David Lee Roth to sing in the outro

  71. Fraser Tv

    Fraser Tv

    پیش ماه

    I love his go getter attitude when thousands of people have just died

  72. Lam Ta

    Lam Ta

    پیش ماه

    2:03 you can see that MRVN is looking for his left arm while everyone is hunting for Mayhem left arm

    • JustinRay 2711

      JustinRay 2711

      پیش ماه


  73. Hectordaniel Cadima

    Hectordaniel Cadima

    پیش ماه


  74. I like Turtles

    I like Turtles

    پیش ماه

    The comment: haha blood hound isn’t having it! The reply’s: “lol he a guy” “guys they are non binar-“ “BLOOD HOUND IS A GIRRL!” “NO HES A BOY”

  75. xMrNoUx


    پیش ماه


  76. LordRydag


    پیش ماه

    I'm disappointed Gibby didn't use his dome, kinda a wasted opportunity.

  77. Hudson Sanderson

    Hudson Sanderson

    پیش ماه

    the fact that this fella saved a MRVN is a sign hes a good guy

  78. F0X


    پیش ماه

    They didn’t really bring out the Australien in Fuse in the german synchro.

  79. Strongclaw


    پیش ماه

    huh, it's always the Aussies that seem....explosive....can't argue tho

  80. Pasquale Polcaro

    Pasquale Polcaro

    پیش ماه

    "Oww fu-MAGGIE!"

  81. Christian Galesias

    Christian Galesias

    پیش ماه

    Aussie accent is so attractive

  82. ゆっくりたいまくら


    پیش 2 ماه


  83. アッキー


    پیش 2 ماه


  84. Syamil Zafran

    Syamil Zafran

    پیش 2 ماه

    That intro looks like the meet the engineer

  85. Ri Lu

    Ri Lu

    پیش 2 ماه


  86. Emilio Osorio

    Emilio Osorio

    پیش 2 ماه

    This man could make the half time shows at the super bowl make it look like a kids party.

    • Emilio Osorio

      Emilio Osorio

      پیش 27 روز

      @Erika JF**СК МЕ - СНЕCK МY РR0FILЕ the joke being "well played"?

    • Erika JF**СК МЕ - СНЕCK МY РR0FILЕ

      Erika JF**СК МЕ - СНЕCK МY РR0FILЕ

      پیش 27 روز


  87. TurboGoblin


    پیش 2 ماه

    I just love the way bloodhound draws their gun almost instantly while caustic just sorta accepts it

    • Kathleen Garcia

      Kathleen Garcia

      پیش 28 روز


  88. Shirole


    پیش 2 ماه

    Place your shield Gibraltar!!!!!!!

  89. Korb Borb The Not Lemon

    Korb Borb The Not Lemon

    پیش 2 ماه

    Kings Canyon: none of this stuff ever happens to olympus!

  90. Egress


    پیش 2 ماه

    1:53 makes fuse look so smart he sees no fall damage before his first match

  91. Jorden Cummings

    Jorden Cummings

    پیش 2 ماه

    *fuse slapping* caustic:umm Bloodhound:do you wanna die?

  92. Adventure Kid

    Adventure Kid

    پیش 2 ماه

    What gun is in Bangalore hand?

    • Darkboi


      پیش 2 ماه

      Adventure Kid a havoc

  93. Tyson Tate

    Tyson Tate

    پیش 2 ماه

    Funniest part of the trailer 2:11

  94. Amil


    پیش 2 ماه

    Basically fuse is lazarbeam in apex with his love för destruction and grenades and yeets

  95. BaCkOffMyFood!


    پیش 2 ماه

    The fact that they just shrugged off all the thousands of ded citizens from the explosion like is the child lifeline holding still alive?

  96. BlaZzen blaze

    BlaZzen blaze

    پیش 2 ماه

    lifeline was throwing she could've spammed her shield on everyone who was dying

  97. Dimensional Dude

    Dimensional Dude

    پیش 2 ماه

    anyone notice how fuses ship at the end looks like the pillar of autum form halo?

  98. Cris Padilla

    Cris Padilla

    پیش 2 ماه

    It lazarbeam the Aussie

  99. logan morgan

    logan morgan

    پیش 2 ماه

    where is wraith when you need her ...

  100. Jose Carrillo

    Jose Carrillo

    پیش 2 ماه

    i didn’t watch through on the switch i have ps4 but now ima play on the switch when i get home from work... Apex on the switch is probably one of the best games.🤟🏼🔥